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Welcome to the website of Lars Deike.

Here you will find my latest work: Erotic Paintings - Acrylic on canvas and erotic photos. Each painting is of course a unique piece - a kind. Get the original only once! An original is of course more expensive. For my fans that do not want to invest so much money and there is the possibility of my work as a poster (from 14 euros), as an art print (from 17 euros), on canvas (from 47 euros), on aluminum plates (from 47 € ) to order as postcards (from 2 €) or as a calendar (from 9 euros). Additionally, we offer some merchandise like t-shirts, mugs and caps. All information in this shop.

We have brought the pages to a new level: Multiple languages ​​- a new search full-text search - a closed Login Area - and a virtual gallery tour. Additional is a smart phone application available that is automatically generated for smart phones. For all the fans, we also offer a free app. The galleries are constantly being updated with new images. Stop by often so worth it! I hope you have fun looking at the pictures. The site is divided into two areas: painting and photography



Painting Here you find paintings (acrylic on canvas) in various sizes.

Photo Here are some naked pictures - black and white and color - as well as artists, singers, drag queens to the recordings for fetish.

Exhibitions Painting and photo exhibitions with pictures from Lars Deike.

Calendar here you can shop lars deike calendars and much more - test it!

Art-Print Original is too expensive? Here you can shop lars deike paintings, pictures on Art-Prints - Even with a great frame - test it!

Canvas The original is too expensive? Here you can shop lars deike paintings, pictures on cancas

Shirts here you can shop lars deike paintings, on t-shirts and much more - test it!

Merchandising you are fan of lars deike paintings - show it to all - we offer cellphone cases, - iPhone, Samsung, HTC, design bath shoes and much more!

Press here some press clippings of Lars Deike

About us Here you will find personal information about Lars Deike, a studio tour and more information about exhibitions, openings, parties.

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