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About us

Lars Deike 1963 was born into a family of publishers in Constance. He graduated from there training as a publishing assistant. After a move to Berlin, he worked as an editor at a large Berlin newspaper.

The love of photography had accompanied him for a long time and so he decided to study photography in Los Angeles.

After his return to Germany in 2001, Lars Deike opened his photo studio in Munich. There, the male body in the interplay of light and shadow was the focus of his camera.

Lars Deike specialized as a freelance photographer in the field of nude and fetish photography.

His photographs have been published in books, calendars, catalogs and on the front pages of many gay magazines and newspapers.

Lars Deike deliberately want to provoke in his paintings. The artist wants to cover with his pictures the entire spectrum of varieties of gay male sexuality - Leather, Rubber, Skins, Sports, or even a complete "snax - scene" can be reflected in his paintings.

Numerous exhibitions in Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg made ​​him become a fixture in the area of erotic male photography.

lars deike wish that his images provoke true, however are subject to an aesthetic and not objectionable.

In 2009 Lars Deike discovered influenced by his uncle - also a painter - his love of painting. Thematically, he links this to his past as a photographer and captures the male body in sexy game usually larger than life on canvas.

Besides the topic of fetish but is also the male body - young, old or in the center. VENUS in Berlin for the first time, the artist shows his women's record. In 2013 Lars Deike has aleady his 5th solo show. Commission work will be accepted.