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Folsom Europe 2012

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For HustlaBall Lars Deike shows a selection of his works that are exhibited there in the VIP area. In addition, beginning on October 18 from 20 clock, a major exhibition at Axel Hotel to Welcome Reception, at which meeting the advance of HustlaBalls Pornstars.

Location: Axel Hotel Berlin
Lietzenburger Str 13/15
10789 Berlin-Schöneberg

For HustlaBall Lars Deike focuses thematically in the selection of his images on the subject of sex, erotic and fetish. Lars Deike like this deliberately provocative. The artist wants his exhibition the entire spectrum of game types of gay male sexuality cover - Leather, Rubber, Skins, sports, or even a complete "Hustlaball - Scene" can be reflected in his paintings.

In addition to the theme fetish sex and erotic but is also the male body - young, old or in the center of the exhibition. The artist will be present at the exhibition opening. See also Press here or the articles here and here